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Hello, my name is Christian Skutevik. After prayerful consideration, I am seeking your support as a local missionary in the Duluth Minnesota area. Currently, I am interning as a Youth Pastor, media coordinator, etc. at Renew Church while I finish up my last few months of ministry schooling. We are a medium-sized growing church that I have been blessed to intern for full time since the fall of ’21. In just the last 6 months I have seen this church really begin to gain momentum as we are all fulfilling God’s plan in our lives. The issue we now face is that we are at a bottleneck. We can’t afford to pay full-time staff quite just yet, but we also know that we can’t get to the next level of effective ministry without taking that step. That’s why I am hoping that you would consider partnering with me as I faithfully step into full-time ministry. However, before I talk about the three ways in which you can be a blessing in partnering with me, I would first like to talk a little more about what I have been and will be doing.

It’s true when they say that to be in ministry, you must become a jack of all trades. I have experienced that firsthand as I have been involved on the missions and prayer teams, as a greeter, running the social media, helping with children’s church, leading young adults, starting up a youth ministry, taking care of the lawn, and helping with various projects. I have kept very busy recently developing websites and apps, creating logos and signs for the church as we have transitioned into our new name, Renew Church! But ultimately the most prominent part of my role has been working with the youth. That ministry has grown to about 40 different kids that have attended in the last couple of months.

That is why this ministry is built heavily on four pillars, Safety, connection, growth, and duplication. That is why I focus so much on creating real relationships in a safe environment that fosters growth. From planning bible studies and games to taking kids fishing or picking them up for church, it has been a worthwhile investment. God has really put the importance of this role becoming a full-time position on my heart as I see how necessary it is and how much time it takes to reach out and make these kids feel safe and loved so they can see God through a clear lens.

Now I need your help to support this ministry in three ways. The first is through your prayer that God would guide my steps and bless the work. Through prayer, we can be confident in this ministry, as 1 John 5:4 encourages us saying ‘This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.’ The second way is through spreading the word. Hands down the best thing you can do is to get ahold of just a few friends, family, or coworkers that might be willing to support this mission that would go along. Finally, your financial support, if it is God’s will for your life, would bless me and this ministry beyond your imagination.




















I am excited about what God is doing and I can’t wait to have you join me on this journey. With your support, I would love to send out bi-monthly letters updating you on this ministry including fun photos and stories of God’s love and growth. If you have any thoughts, questions, or concerns feel free to contact our church leadership and I am sure they would be happy to provide you with any job descriptions, Mission statements, etc. Thank you so much for your prayerful consideration. It means the world to me.

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As you can see in the photo on the left it is a struggle getting them to take a normal photo, but I am so happy knowing they feel comfortable being themselves. It has been in honor to see them mature and to be there with them as they go through life. I cannot stress enough how surprised I have been to see what they must handle at their age. From broken home lives to depression and suicidal tendencies. It is truly heartbreaking to see their pain, but that is more reason I know God wants me right where I am. Bringing them the love and Truth of God. 

If you are feeling led to support financially, I want to make that as easy for you as possible, that is why this letter includes two ways you can support. We have included a pre stamped and addressed letter if you wish to mail a cash or check. If you do choose to write a check, please make it out to Renew Church Duluth. Even better, the QR code on this paper links to Renew Church’s giving page. From there you can specify your gift to be given under “Youth & Media Pastor Christian Skutevik” and you can even set up automated monthly giving, so your support does not need to be a hassle. The reason your support goes through the church is so you can clearly see that I have accountability and that is being used properly.


Youth & Media Pastor

Christian Skutevik

Hi, my name is christian Skutevik and I am a local missionary at Renew Church Duluth. I serve as the Youth Pastor and Media Pastor at our growing church! This page was created for anyone who wants to read more about my role or consider supporting my work. I made sure to include some fun photos of the youth as well!


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